Current Donors

A Big Thanks to...

Tom Hardbattle for the Series III Land Rover station wagon. Another trustworthy slave in our stable.

Chris Woolcott for always being there - helping out wherever with whatever.

Bob and Doreen McColaugh for helping out with breaching funds for the relocation centre.

Derek Smit from Zig Zag for donating his trusty Land Rover to Lekanyane. She might be more than twenty years old but she's slaving away as only a Landrover can! Also, thank you Derek for the computer and software donation - where would we be without this technology?

Justin & Jackie Ryan of Techserve Botswana for helping with our legal fees and for supplementing our operational account. Justin, thanks for setting up meetings and doing some donor legwork in Gaborone.

Brett Warren of Industrial Agencies - Brett, we know that you only supply the Best - Lister!!! - thank you for funding some of our overheads like the salary of our Ranger. We will come knocking on your door again (surprise!!).

John Walls of ZS Botswana (radio comms) for donating our VHF radio systems. Two handhelds, one mobile and one base will do the trick!. John, you certainly keep people connected in Botswana.

Oliver Groth of Botswanacraft for helping with our overheads - our little Landy is always running smooth because of you!

USKO Botswana for helping us with this web site. Martin, I know you have more than enough on your plate, but thanks for squeezing us in.

Jill Gilbert for doing our Lekanyane Wild Dog logo. We are really proud of our logo Jill!

Nancy Horenburgh for doing design work and printing for us. Your love for nature and animals is doing us good.

Rustic Touch for printing our T-shirts and vehicle stickers. You make us look good!

Lisa de Jongh, my wife - for financially carrying us through thick and thin. The salary of a government teacher is not a lot but you put food on our table, you buy our clothes, pay for our holidays and keep Lekanyane afloat by paying for numerous monthly expenses. Now, above all, you have given us the most beautiful baby girl any parent could ever ask for. For all to know: Estelle Lorato de Jongh was born on the 1st of April 2001 in Gaborone. For everone that looked after us during our stay, a very, very big thanks, in particular Tash & Neville Sparrow. Tash you may run one of the best restaurants in Botswana, but your hospitality and patience were unmatched and very much appreciated.