Financing & Cost

Lekanyane has made arrangements with Ernst & Young to be the caretakers of all donor money. They will supply us with all our auditing and accounting needs.

It is the intention to create this project entirely with donor funding. It is possible for the project to generate income through various activities in the sense that it is on one of Botswana's busiest tourist routes.

And a reasonable projection is that the project can be self-sustainable within three years through offering the following activities at certain fees.
  • Guided tours through the project
  • Educational fees
  • Membership fees
  • Sale of souvenirs
  • Tea garden
  • Entry fees
  • Adoption fees

Staff and Members

Staffing will be drawn from Botswana to ensure maximum training of Batswana.

The project will be under the monitoring of the DWNP and as such the DWNP will be the main body to report to regarding all conservation activities.

Financial reporting will take place as per request by donor institutions and as decided by the Board of Directors.