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March 2002

The Lekanyane holding and research pens are now under construction. The pens will be used as a transit facility during relocations of predators.

Lisa and Estelle inspecting progress

The pens consist of two open camps, each with it's own kennel facility. Each pen is completely pradator proof and not even digging under the fence will get you out of there!!

Lekanyane also secured a vacant housing facility near the pens. This house will be converted into an education centre with a little
educational museum/displayroom. It will also have a research office and a theater/sterile room where veterinarians can do their work with animals in.

The house has electricity which is an added bonus in this area. All thanks to Chris Woolcott for the house!!


February 2002


In January this year we collected an orphaned Blue Wildebeest calf from a farm in the district. She is doing very well and is being raised with some calves on the farm. When she is old enough she will slowly find her way back into the bush, hopefully to join a herd with a handsome male. We are still trying to name her. Take a look at the photo and come up with a name!!

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Baby Wildebeest


Some interresting fossils were found whilst digging a septic tank in very hard calcrete stone. This one on the photo looks very much like a big molar tooth. It was found just outside Ghanzi , about 2 meters under ground.


January 2002

Lekanyane ended a donor-dry , but challenging 2001, by having an exhibition at the Gantsi Senior Secondary School. This was during their year-end function. The table as usual was manned by two students and as always proved to be the highlight of the day with snakes and skulls on display amongst other environmental educational information



On a very positive note - the Lekanyane Project has been approved by The Department of Wildlife and National Parks, and they will issue the Relevant permits, after completion and inspection of the complex.

Dogs in Trouble...

Amongst rumors of plenty of wild dogs being shot on the farms - one
farmer even had a bounty out, and collected as much as ten tails in a week!!!

Funds needed

Lekanyane has secured breaching funds to complete the relocation center. Thanks to Bob and Doreen McColaugh from Gaborone. This money needs to be paid back soon and we need support out there!! US$7000-00 are needed.

We also desperately need funds to purchase a netgun. To assist in capturing and relocation. This amounts to US$5000-00.

Dog Watch

Reports of healthy packs of wilddogs reach us every day. These dogs seem to be operating just north of the Central Kalahari - on the freehold farms.


Lekanyane has applied for a research permit and hopes to have the first student working on gathering info and data in the settlements and among cattlepost farmers, as soon as June this year.

School Visits

We also paid a weekly visit to a local private school in order to address, and do programmes, with their wildlife club. During some of these visits we have asked a member of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks to join in. We hope the exposure to environmental education will eventually also give them the experience needed to work with children

Wildlife club

Under Construction ??

We have our own web master now!! Derek Smit, one of our Directors, has taken the site under his wing and we are sure to see some positive changes and more regular news items on it soon. Thanks Derek!

Wildlife can co-exist with humans!!!!! This photo was taken by Lisa de Jongh in a village called Tutume. This zebra is a long term resident of the village and seemed to be very happy indeed!

Zebra Shopping ??


May 2001


We are proud to have secured the services of Mpho and Bonang Molongwa. Mpho is employed as the senior ranger of the project. Mpho and Bonang come from Mokolodi Nature Reserve near Gaborone and have settled in Ghanzi to take on this new position. Mpho has a long standing working relationship with us and we have been friends for a long time. Mpho has a wonderful way with school children and his knowledge of nature makes him a valuable asset. Thank you for joining us Mpho and Bonang - now, together we can make this dream come true!!

Wild Dog and Cheetah sightings

We are pleased to say that we still get very regular reports regarding wild dog sightings on the Trans Kalahari Highway. Inquisitive groups of up to 10 dogs are often seen by travelers on this road, mostly in the region of the Okwa Valley. Sightings of cheetah are also very common. Our last trip down presented us with two lovely sightings of a big male cheetah patrolling the road - on both occasions near Lone Tree.

Problem cases

We receive regular reports from visiting cattlepost owners about cheetahs and wild dogs causing livestock losses on their farms. A young male cheetah was removed by us from a farm nearby where it was held in the hope of capturing the mother. We transferred it on the request of the Wildlife Department to Kasane where it was taken in by the Wildlife Department. The Government of Botswana has taken the first steps towards efforts to lessen the negative impact on these predators by banning the shooting of cheetahs and lions and by increasing the compensation rate paid to farmers who suffers losses. These decisions might be controversial but at least it shows an effort and it shows that the authorities recognize the fact that something needs to be done. Congratulations Botswana!!


We are proud to say that we have established a link with on of the biggest senior schools in Botswana. Ghanzi Senior Secondary School might well become the patron of this project!. We are in the process of establishing a permanent link with this very special school. What makes it remarkable is that it is a boarding school with students that come from every corner of Botswana. Whatever message we spread here will reach the far corners of Botswana!

Important !!!

We are in need of funds towards our mobile education unit. This unit plays a big role in collecting data from rural areas regarding predator movements. It also carries a very important Environmental Education and Awareness program. Please contact us by e-mail if there is anyone out there who has some funds or a vehicle to offer!!