Education & Outreach Programmes

As long as people are not aware of specific environmental problems, there will be no need for them to act positively towards such problems.

The project aims to create an extensive educational and information facility, which will allow for school groups and the public to visit.

Programmes for day visits and overnight visits will be designed to deal with the many schools in this area and visiting schools from elsewhere. These programmes will be targeting the issue at hand but will also be syllabus related.

A mobile extension service will be created to reach schools and remote rural communities in particular the cattle post communities.

It will by no doubt contribute greatly to the awareness that is so desperately needed in these cases.

Public awareness will be encouraged through the design and distribution of, for example, car stickers, souvenirs, newsletters, adoption schemes and the media.

By educating the public regarding these predators, a more positive approach can be brought to their plight and the problems can be addressed effectively.

One of the largest schools in Botswana is situated in Gantsi. The Gantsi Senior Secondary School is most probably the school that represents Batswana the best.

With students from every corner of Botswana it creates a very important opportunity for us to reach a wide range of Botswana’s population.

We are in the process of organising students of this school in to an environmental theatre group that will also be able to address conservation related issues in a fun and effective way.

In the same breath another important issue in Botswana will also be addressed - the understanding of the various cultures in Botswana.

In Gantsi we are blessed with the presence of some of the oldest cultures in Botswana - the SAN. A lot of the predator related problems touch their lives directly and can be effectively addressed by Lekanyane.