Information Gathering & Baseline Study

As mentioned, little is known about the extent of the problem in this area. It is proposed that a reasonable place to start is to visit all the farmers in this area and build up a library of information regarding the following:

  - Problem animal sightings

  - Problem animal numbers

  - Problem animal movements

  - Problem animals exterminated

  - Livestock losses

This data will be entered into a database and mapped with references to farm owners and farm numbers. This database will be kept up to date as cases are reported to the action group. All this information will be reported to the DWNP and other research groups.

The farming community will be kept up to date through a news letter and will be encouraged to join forces in the survival of these animals and ultimately the protection of their own livestock.

These farm visits will allow us to get a much better idea of the problem and most importantly it will create a greater awareness amongst the farmers.

This will continue as cases are reported and visits will be very visible and immediate.

As one can see, this alone is an ongoing activity with a very wide and active area to cover.