Relocation Activities

There is always the chance of relocating and monitoring these animals to less sensitive areas, whether it be enclosed game reserves or other free ranging parks.

Wild dogs from different packs have been successfully introduced to each other in order to create a new pack (De Wildt Cheetah Research Centre, South Africa).

The transit station will be designed to do this through consultation with the DWNP.

We are aware that scientists are researching the wild dog packs in the Moremi and surrounding areas and the monitoring process should form part of their own informational needs.

The monitoring of relocated animals within Botswana is a very important part of the relocation process.

It is proposed that relocated cheetahs are radio-collared and radio-tracked to monitor their movements and adaptability. These activities can be done by, for example, students from University of Botswana.

The information can be entered in the project database and become a reliable source for scientists.

Radio tracking will be monitored and supervised by the project unless another scientific party requests it through the DWNP.